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Artist Title Tape Number
U-Krew If U were mine 334
U-Krew Let me be your lover 342
U.D.S. Boyz You oughta know D 813
U.N.V. So in love with you DAT # 61
U.S. Bonds Quarter to three D 395
U2 All I want is you 320
U2 Angle of harlem 308
U2 Babyface D 420
U2 Cupid DAT # AP
U2 Daddy's gonna pay for D 420
U2 Desire 309
U2 Dirty day D 420
U2 Discotheque D 924
U2 Discotheque DAT # AP
U2 Even better than the re DAT # 26
U2 First time D 420
U2 I still havent found wh 279
U2 In god's country 289
U2 In the name of love 217
U2 Lemon D 420
U2 Mysterious ways DAT # 16
U2 Mysterious Ways DAT # 30
U2 Numb D 420
U2 One D 872
U2 One DAT # 22
U2 Only you Dat # 500
U2 Some days are better th D 420
U2 Stay faraway, so close! D 420
U2 Wanderer D 420
U2 Where the streets have 284
U2 Who's gonna ride your w DAT # 30
U2 With or with out you 276
U2 With or without you D 514
U2 With or without you D 712
U2 Zooropa D 420
U2 & BB King When love comes to town 314
Ub 40 I got you babe 230
UB 40 Red red wine 196
UB 40 Way you do the things y 347
UB40 Can't help faling in lo DAT # 38
UB40 Can't help falling in l D 873
UB40 Can't help falling in l D 928
UB40 Groovin DAT # 16
UB40 Here I am D 928
UB40 Here i am DAT # 5
UB40 Higher ground DAT # 42
UB40 I got you babe D 707
UB40 Red red wine D 700
UB40 Red-red wine 302
UB40 Way you do the things y D 928
Ufi Understand this groove D 386
Ugly Kid Joe Cat's in the cradle DAT # 32
Ugly Kid Joe Everything about you DAT # 23
Ultra Nate Party girl D 730
Ultravox Vienna D 738
Uncle Sam I don't ever want to se Dec 97 #3
Uncle Tupelo No sense in lovin D 474
Under Cover Baker street D 665
Under World Change the weather DAT # 1
Under World Stand up DAT # 1
Underworld Bright white flame D111
Underworld Call me # 1 D111
Underworld Glory! Glory! D111
Underworld God song D111
Underworld I need a doctor D111
Underworld Miracle party D111
Underworld Pray D111
Underworld Rubber ball (space kitc D111
Underworld Show some emotion D111
Underworld Stand up 323
Underworld Thrash D259
UnderWorld Underneath the radar 294
Underworld Underneath the radar D111
Underworld 6:00 Underneath the radar 319
Underworld 8:00 Underneath the radar 319
Unlimited Tribal dance D 584
Unlimited Twilight zone DAT # 24
UNV Somethings goin on DAT # 37
Urban Cookie Collective Feels like heaven D 658
Urban Cookie Collective High on a happy vibe D 627
Urban Dance Squad Deeper shade of soul 353
Urban Shakedown Bass speaker D 389
Urban Tribe El ritmo D 729
Urbin Cowboy Cherokee Fiddle 191
Urbin Cowboy Dont itwannamakeyoudanc 191
Urbin Cowboy Hello Texas 191
Urbin Cowboy Orange Blossom Special 191
Urge Overkill Girl, You'll be a woman DAT # 54
Uriah Heep Easy livin D129
Us3 Cantaloop D 384
US3 Cantaloop D 576
USA for Africa We are the world 224
Usher Can u get witit DAT # 52
Usher Think of you DAT # 56
Utah Saints Something good DAT # 31

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