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Artist Title Tape Number
S-Express Theme from s-express 298
S-Express Theme from s-express D 703
S.L. Line All night long D 800
S.O.S. Band Take your time D 326
S.X. 3 Put it in D 389
Sa-Fire Boy, Ive been told 303
Sa-Fire Gonna make it 320
Sa-Fire Thinking of you 311
Sabrina Johnston Peace D 314
Sabrina Sang Supersonic D 920
Sade Kiss of life DAT # 34
Sade Never as good as 1stTim 248
Sade No ordinary love DAT # 30
Sade Paradise 300
Sade Please send me someone D 506
Sade Smooth operator 224
Sade You're love is king 229
Safire I will survive 330
Safire Made up my mind 353
Safire Made up my mind DAT # 4
Safty Groove Sweet dreams D 815
Saga On the loose 178
Sagat Funk dat D 639
Saget F#@dat D 823
Saigon Kick Love is on the way DAT # 28
Sally Ploger Baby jesus D 939
Salt N' Pepa Shoop D 544
Salt N' Pepa Shoop D 576
Salt N'Pepa Let's talk about sex D 503
Salt-N-Pepa Ain't nuthin but a she DAT # 63
Salt-N-Pepa Do you want me DAT # 5
Salt-N-Pepa Expression 338
Salt-N-Pepa Heaven'n hell DAT # 50
Salt-N-Pepa Lets talk about sex D305
Salt-N-Pepa Lets talk about sex DAT # 14
Salt-N-Pepa Push it 290
Salt-N-Pepa Push it DAT # 18
Salt-N-Pepa Pushit D 704
Salt-N-Pepa Shoop DAT # 41
Salt-N-Pepa Upside down D 887
Salt-N-Pepa Whatta man DAT # 45
Salt-N-Pepa You showed me DAT # 21
Sam Brown Stop 316
Sam Cardon Ain't no sunshine D 452
Sam Cardon Air pudding D 451
Sam Cardon Chelsea's day D 452
Sam Cardon Dreaming at the wheel D 452
Sam Cardon Durango kid D 452
Sam Cardon Electric atmosphere D 451
Sam Cardon Electric highway D 450
Sam Cardon Emerald mist D 451
Sam Cardon Fire on ice D 451
Sam Cardon Folkways D 450
Sam Cardon Hearts on hold D 451
Sam Cardon Higher road D 451
Sam Cardon Impulse D 451
Sam Cardon In the meantime D 451
Sam Cardon Infrared eyes D 452
Sam Cardon Man among men D 450
Sam Cardon Mantra for manics D 451
Sam Cardon Mastermind D 450
Sam Cardon On the border D 451
Sam Cardon Peace of mind D 451
Sam Cardon Reconnaissance D 452
Sam Cardon Sage of lamberene D 450
Sam Cardon Serious leisure D 452
Sam Cardon Solitude D 452
Sam Cardon St. croix D 452
Sam Cardon Tammy's theme D 452
Sam Cardon Third spring D 450
Sam Cardon Wishing well D 452
Sam Harris Id do it all again 244
Sam Moore Rainy night in georgia D 502
Sam the Sham & the Phar Wooly bully D 363
Sam the Sham and the Ph Lil red riding hood D 616
Samantha Cole Happy with you Nov 97 #1
Samantha Fox Do ya do ya 274
Samantha Fox I only wanna be with yo 313
Samantha Fox I wanna have some fun 306
Samantha Fox I wanna have some fun D 704
Samantha Fox Naughty girls 293
Samantha Fox Nothing gonna stop me n 285
Samantha Fox Touch me no church 268
Samantha Fox Touch me, i want your b D 700
Samantha Sang Emotion 126
Sammy Davis Jr. Candy man D 714
Sammy Hagar Eagles fly 287
Sammy Hagar Give to live 279
Sammy Hagar I can't drive 55 215
Sammy Hagar Winner takes it all 273
Sammy Hagar Your love is drivingMeC 176
Sammy Keeshaw If you're gonna walk, i D 607
Sammy Kershaw Better call a preacher D 520
Sammy Kershaw Fire and rain D 568
Sammy Kershaw Fit to be tied down D 851
Sammy Kershaw I can't reach her anymo D 474
Sammy Kershaw I'm movin on D 485
Sammy Kershaw Love of my life D 934
Sammy Kershaw Meant to be D 744
Sammy Kershaw National working womans D 528
Sammy Kershaw Politics, religion and D 842
Sammy Kershaw Southbound D 520
Sammy Kershaw Southbound D 571
Sammy Kershaw Still lovin you D 682
Sammy Kershaw Vidalia D 784
Sammy Kershaw Vidalla D 930
Sammy Kershaw Your tattoo D 632
Sammy Kewshaw Third rate romance D 565
Samont LaAena Me a julio down by the 163
Samont LaAena Wake up little susie 163
Samuel E. Wright Under the sea D 737
Sandalo La senal D 812
Sandalo Te informo D 812
Sandee Love desire DAT # 7
Sandy Bad boy D 727
Sandy B Make the world go aroun D 814
Sandy Knox Dear Santa D 939
Sandy Nelson Teen beat D 870
Sanford Clark Fool, the D 398
Santa Esmeralda Don't let me be misunde D 625
Santa Esmeralda Don't let me be misunde D 805
Santa Esmerelda Don't let be misunderst D 889
Santana Black magic woman D 931
Santana Black magic woman D128
Santana Black magic woman D129
Santana Say it again 222
Santo & Johnny Sleep walk D 393
Sara Evans Shame about that D 936
Sara Evans Three chords and the tr D 907
Sara Evans True Lies D 852
Sara Parker My love is deep D 729
Sarah Lovin you D 815
Sarah Mclachlan Building a mystery Dec 97 #1
Sarah McLachlan Good enough DAT # 52
Sarah McLachlan I will remember you DAT # 63
Sarah McLanhlan Possession DAT # 48
Sarah Washington I will aways love you D 665
Saraya Back to the bullet 329
Saraya Love has taken its toll 321
Saraya Timeless love 332
Sash Encore une fois D 924
Sasha Sweet dreams D 804
Sass Jordan Sun's gonna rise DAT # 54
Satana Hold on 166
Sattellite I wanna go back billy 219
Saturday Night Fever A fifth of beethoven D 427
Saturday Night Fever Boogie shoes D 427
Saturday Night Fever Calypso breakdown D 427
Saturday Night Fever Disco inferno D 427
Saturday Night Fever How deep is your love D 427
Saturday Night Fever If i can't have you D 427
Saturday Night Fever Jive talkin' D 427
Saturday Night Fever K-jee D 427
Saturday Night Fever Manhattan skyline D 427
Saturday Night Fever More than a woman D 427
Saturday Night Fever Night fever D 427
Saturday Night Fever Night on disco mountain D 427
Saturday Night Fever Open sesame D 427
Saturday Night Fever Salsation D 427
Saturday Night Fever Stayin' alive D 427
Saturday Night Fever You should be dancing D 427
Savage Garden Break me shake me D 893
Savage Garden Carry on dancing D 893
Savage Garden I want you D 893
Savage Garden Promises D 893
Savage Garden Santa monica D 893
Savage Garden Tears of pearls D 893
Savage Garden Thousand words D 893
Savage Garden to the moon & back D 893
Savage Garden Truly madly deeply D 893
Savage Garden Universe D 893
Savage Garden Violet D 893
Sawyer Brown Another mile D 692
Sawyer Brown Betty's bein' bad D294
Sawyer Brown Big picture D 692
Sawyer Brown Gettin' tough D147
Sawyer Brown Good while it lasted D147
Sawyer Brown Hallelujah he is born D 937
Sawyer Brown Hard to say D 529
Sawyer Brown Heart don't fall now D294
Sawyer Brown Heartland D147
Sawyer Brown Hey,hey D147
Sawyer Brown I dit it for love D147
Sawyer Brown I don't believe in good D 607
Sawyer Brown I will leave the light D 692
Sawyer Brown I'm gonna miss you afte D147
Sawyer Brown Leona D294
Sawyer Brown Like a john deere D 692
Sawyer Brown Locomotive D147
Sawyer Brown Nothin less than love D 692
Sawyer Brown Out goin' cattin' D294
Sawyer Brown Outskirts of town D 480
Sawyer Brown Passin' train D147
Sawyer Brown Puttin the dark backInt D147
Sawyer Brown Puttin' the dark back D294
Sawyer Brown Race is on D147
Sawyer Brown Race is on D294
Sawyer Brown Rosie knows D147
Sawyer Brown Round here D 682
Sawyer Brown Round here D 692
Sawyer Brown Shakin' D294
Sawyer Brown She's gettin there D 692
Sawyer Brown She's gettin there D 786
Sawyer Brown Six days on the road D 852
Sawyer Brown Six days on the road D 907
Sawyer Brown Small town hero D 692
Sawyer Brown Step that step D294
Sawyer Brown Thank god for you D 460
Sawyer Brown This night won't last f D 906
Sawyer Brown This time D 571
Sawyer Brown Treat her right D 692
Sawyer Brown Treat her right D 722
Sawyer Brown Used to blue D294
Sawyer Brown Wanted'and havin'it all D 631
Sawyer Brown Wantin' & havin it all D 692
Sawyer Brown When love comes callin D294
Sawyer Brown /Buick 48 hours till monday D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick Mama's little baby love D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick My baby drives a buick D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick One less pony D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick Stealin' home D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick Still water D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick Superman's daughter D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick Thunder bay D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick Walk D245
Sawyer Brown /Buick When you run from love D245
Sawyer Side Another side D 942
Scandal Beat of the heart 221
Scandal Hands tied 216
Scandal Warrior 212
Scandal-Us I want you love D 728
Scarface I never seen a man cry DAT # 53
Scarface Let me roll DAT # 40
Scarface People don't believe DAT # 56
Scarlett & Black You don't know D 597
Scarlett and Black You don't know 291
Scatman John Scatman D 730
Scatman John Scatman DAT # 59
Scenario Atribe called quest DAT # 24
Scooter Lee Christmas card D 939
Scooter Lee Ribbon of highway D 941
Scooter Lee Rock & roll waltz D 907
Scooter Lee Rompin stompin D 845
Scooter Lee Sexy little christmas t D 939
Scorpio Rising Protect mururoa D 808
Scorpions Rhythum of love 297
Scorpions Rock you like a hurriac 200
Scorpions Send me an angel DAT # 18
Scorpions Still loving you 210
Scorpions Still loving you D 709
Scorpions Wind of change DAT # 10
Scott Hoyt Lay your love on me D 578
Scott McKenzie San francisco D 531
Scotti Bros. Eye of the tiger D 701
Scritti Politti A little knowledge 237
Scritti Politti Absolute 237
Scritti Politti Boom! there she was 298
Scritti Politti Boom! there she was D 703
Scritti Politti Boom! there she was7:00 DAT # 3
Scritti Politti Dont work that hard 237
Scritti Politti Hyprotize 237
Scritti Politti Lover to fall 237
Scritti Politti Perfect way 234
Scritti Politti Perfect way 237
Scritti Politti Perfect way D 596
Scritti Politti Perfect way (long) 249
Scritti Politti Perfect way-12in D 696
Scritti Politti Perfect way-7in D 696
Scritti Politti Perfectway DAT # 2
Scritti Politti Small talk 237
Scritti Politti Wood beez 237
Scritti Politti Wood beez 244
Scritti Politti Word girl 237
Seal Crazy D 314
Seal Crazy DAT # 7
Seal Don't cry DAT # 66
Seal Fly like an eagle D 887
Seal Fly like an eagle DAT # 500
Seal Killer DAT # 23
Seal Kiss from a rose D 724
Seal Prayer for the dying D 600
Seal Prayer for the dying DAT # 49
Seals & Crofts Summer Breeze D 797
Seals and Crofts Get closer D 559
Secados Ritmo de la Noche D 812
Secret Dancing in my sleep 270
Seduction Breakdown 348
Seduction Could this be love 343
Seduction Heartbeat 336
Seduction Heat beat 7:24 min 335
Seduction Two to make it right 329
Seduction Youre my one and only 322
Selena Amor prohibido D 670
Selena Bidi bidi bom bom D 670
Selena Captive heart D 670
Selena Come la flor D 670
Selena Dreaming of you D 670
Selena El toro relajo D 670
Selena God's child D 670
Selena I could fall in love D 670
Selena I'm getting used to you D 670
Selena Missing my baby D 670
Selena Techno cumbia D 670
Selena Wherever you are D 670
Selena You, only you D 670
Seminole She knows me by heart D 908
Sergio Never gonna let go 183
Sergio Mendes Alibis 209
Sergio Mendes Never gonna let you go 206
Sergio Mendes Never gonna let you go D 866
Serko & Donnie Wahlberg Right combination 343
Set it Off Missing you Dat # 500
Seven Mary Three Cumbersone DAT # 65
Seven Red Seven Superstition D 727
Seventh Avenue Love i lost D 654
Sex Pistols Anarchy in the u.k. D 557
SF Spanish Fly Crimson + clover DAT # 57
Sgh Mocca Soul Losing you DAT # 25
Shabba Ranks Family affair DAT # 44
Shabba Ranks House call DAT # 18
Shabba Ranks Lets get it on DAT # 55
Shabba Ranks Mr. loverman D 401
Shabba Ranks Mr. Loverman DAT # 24
Shabba Ranks Slow and sexy DAT # 31
Shades Tell me Dat # 500
Shaggy Boom bastic DAT # 57
Shaggy Boombastic D 711
Shaggy Boombastic D 824
Shaggy Boombastic in the summe D 661
Shaggy Oh carolina DAT # 40
Shai Baby I'm yours DAT # 37
Shai Come with me DAT # 63
Shai Comforter DAT # 33
Shai I don't wanna be alone DAT # 67
Shai If ever i fall in love D 890
Shai If i ever fall in love DAT # 29
Shai Place where you belong D 533
Shai Place where you belong DAT # 50
Shai Together forever/yours DAT # 44
Shake-A-Booty Bass Booty bouncin'bass D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Chaos D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Freaky bass D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass G-string D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Horny bass beat D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Hump ya runp D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Non stop drop D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Ridin' it out D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Stick D 859
Shake-A-Booty Bass Throw it baby D 859
Shakespear's Sister I don't care DAT # 31
Shalamar Amnesia 220
Shalamar Dead give away 186
Shalamar Dead give away 186
Shalamar Dead giveaway 201
Shalamar Deadline U.S.A. 207
Shamen Lsi D 599
Shamen Move any mountain D 822
Shamen Move any Mountain D288
Shana I want you 5:40 min 329
Shana You can't get away 339
Shandi Charles in charge D 643
Shane Sutton I've got your number D 609
Shane Sutton I've got yoyr number D 613
Shangri-Las Leader of the pack D 362
Shania Twain Any man of mine D 610
Shania Twain Any man of mine D 724
Shania Twain Cod bless the child DAT # 500
Shania Twain Dance with the one that D 458
Shania Twain Don't be stupid Nov 97 #1
Shania Twain God bless the child D 842
Shania Twain Home ain't where his he D 784
Shania Twain I'm outta here! D 683
Shania Twain Love get's me every tim D 933
Shania Twain No one needs to know D 747
Shania Twain What made you say that D 455
Shania Twain Whose beb have you boot DAT # 57
Shania Twain Whose bed have your boo D 578
Shania Twain Woman in me D 632
Shania Twain Woman in me DAT # 63
Shania Twain You win my love D 720
Shanice I love your smile DAT # 16
Shanice It's for you DAT # 39
Shanice Saving forever for you DAT # 30
Shanice Saving forever for you DAT # 32
Shanice Silent prayer DAT # 25
Shanice Wilson Can you dance 287
Shannon Give me tonight 200
Shannon Give me tonight D 792
Shannon Let the music play 193
Shannon Let the music play D 743
Shaquille O'neal Biological did'nt broth DAT # 53
Shaquille O'Neal I'm outstanding DAT # 44
Shaquille O'Neal Men of steel Dec 97 #3
Shaqville O'Neal I know i got skillz DAT # 42
Sharada House Gang Dancing through the nig D 799
Sharon Bryant Foolish heart 331
Sharon Bryant Let go 322
Sharon Bryant Let go 326
Sharon S. Music so wonderful D 664
Sharon S. Wonderful D 799
Shaver Georgia on a fast train D 506
Shawn Camp Confessin my love D 461
Shawn camp Fallin' never felt so g D 460
Shawn Christopher Don't lose the magic DAT # 22
Shawn Colvin Get out of this house D 867
Shawn Colvin Someone like you D 877
Shawn Stockman Visions of a sunset DAT # 65
She Moves Breaking all the rules Dec 97 #2
Sheb Wooley Purple people eater D 616
Sheena Easton Almost over you 195
Sheena Easton Almost over you 206
Sheena Easton Do it for love 239
Sheena Easton Jimmy mack 244
Sheena Easton Lover in me 307
Sheena Easton Modern girl 160
Sheena Easton Sentimental journey D 830
Sheena Easton So far so good 259
Sheena Easton Strut 214
Sheena Easton Sugar walls 220
Sheena Easton Swear 224
Sheena Easton Telefone 189
Sheena Easton Telefone 201
Sheena Easton What comes naturally DAT # 5
Sheena Easton When he shines 206
Sheena Easton When he shines D 710
Sheena Easton Wishing you were here 189
Sheena Easton You could have been wit 168
Sheila Hold me 272
Sheila E A love bizarre 239
Sheila E Belle of St. mark 217
Sheila E Glamorous life 210
Shelby Lynne Another chance at love D 746
Shelby Lynne Feelin kind of lonely D 459
Shelby Lynne Feelin' kind of lonely D 459
Shelby Lynne Feelin' kinda lonely to D 478
Shelby Lynne I'm not the one D 634
Shelby Lynne Slow me down D 614
Shelley Fabares Johnny angel D 360
Shelly Mr. right D 788
Shelly Streeter I wanna rock D 910
Shelly Streeter Whit lace, promise D 856
Shenandoah All over but the shouti D 721
Shenandoah Always have always will D 684
Shenandoah Can't stop now D172
Shenandoah Darned if i don't D 608
Shenandoah Deeper than that D 750
Shenandoah Heaven bound D 631
Shenandoah I'll go down loving you D 529
Shenandoah I'm gonna hurt her on t D172
Shenandoah If bubba can dance D 480
Shenandoah If bubba can dance D 506
Shenandoah If bubba can dance D 666
Shenandoah It ain't love untill it D172
Shenandoah Janie baker D 457
Shenandoah Lilly of the alley D172
Shenandoah She doesn't cry anymore D172
Shenandoah She's still here D172
Shenandoah Show must go on D172
Shenandoah Somewhere in the vicini D 606
Shenandoah Stop the rain D172
Shenandoah There's a way in the ma D 847
Shenandoah They don't make love li D172
Shenandoah What she wants D172
Shenna Easton When he shines 162
Shep & the Limelites Daddy's home D 395
Sheriff When i'm with you 311
Sherrie Austin Lucky in love D 857
Sherrie Austin One solitary tear D 912
Sherrie' Austin Put your heart into it D 941
Sheryl Crow All i wanna do D 600
Sheryl Crow All i wanna do DAT # 49
Sheryl Crow Can't cry anymore D 661
Sheryl Crow Can't cry anymore DAT # 60
Sheryl Crow Everyday is a winding r DAT # AP
Sheryl Crow If it makes you happy Dat # 500
Sheryl Crow Leaving las vegas DAT # 47
Sheryl Crow Solitaire D 874
Shirelles Baby, its you D 679
Shirelles Will you love me tomorr D 395
Shirellese Soldier boy D 360
Shirley Bassey Way we were D 736
Shirley Ellis Name game D 363
Shirley Lewis Realistic - mighty real 329
Shirley Murdock As we lay 272
Shocking Blue Venus D133
Shooting Star Touch me tonight 328
Shucks Trouble free D 454
Shy Under fire 275
Shyheim On and on DAT # 45
Side F-X What makes me want to s 342
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love missile f1-11 D 595
Silencers Painted moon 283
Silhouette In my dreams D 802
Silhouettes Get a job D 392
Silk Don't rush DAT # 68
Silk Freak me DAT # 34
Silk Girl u for me DAT # 38
Silk Hooked on you DAT # 64
Silk I can go deep DAT # 53
Silver Convention Fly robin fly D 625
Silver Convention Fly, robin, fly D 923
Silver Convention Get up and boogie D 626
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge over troubled wa D 931
Simon & Garfunkel Mrs. robinson D 530
Simple E Play my funk DAT # 47
Simple Minds Alive and kicking 238
Simple Minds All the things she said 248
Simple Minds Dont forget about me 223
Simple Minds Sanctify yourself 244
Simple Minds See the lights DAT # 9
Simple Minds She's a river DAT # 56
Simply Red Angel D 925
Simply Red Holding back the years 248
Simply Red If you don't know mebyn 316
Simply Red Its only love 312
Simply Red Moneys too tight 258
Simply Red Right thing 273
Simply Red Right thing 274
Simply Red Something got me starte DAT # 14
Simply Red Stars DAT # 21
SimplyMadAbout theMouse A dream is a wish your D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse An introduction D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse Bare necessities D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse I've got no strings D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse Kiss the girl D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse Mad about the wolf D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse Siamese cat song D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse Someday my prince will D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse When you wish upon a st D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse Who's afraid of the big D282
SimplyMadAbout theMouse Zip-a-dee-doo-dah D282
Simpsons Born under a bad sign D232
Simpsons Deep, deep trouble D232
Simpsons Do the bartman D232
Simpsons God bless the child D232
Simpsons I love to see you smile D232
Simpsons Look at all those idiot D232
Simpsons Moanin' lisa blues D232
Simpsons School day D232
Simpsons Sibling rivalry D232
Simpsons Springfield soul stew D232
Sinead O' Connor Nothing compares 2 u 338
Sinead O'Connor Emperor's new clothes 342
Singing Nun Dominoque D 658
Sinitta Right back whereWeStart 325
Siouxsie & The Banghees Peek-a-boo D 707
Siouxsie & the Banshees Kiss them for me DAT # 13
Siouxsie + the Banshees Peek-a-boo 304
Sir Fat Dutchmen Beer barrel polka D 707
Sir Mix a Lot Posse' on broadway 309
Sir Mix-a-Lot Baby got back D 401
Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby got back DAT # 28
Sir Mix-A-Lot Jump on it Dat # 500
Sir Mix-A-Lot Posse on broadway D 700
Siren Siren D 808
SirMixaLot Baby got back DAT # 23
Sister Hazel All for you Sept 97 #2
Sister Sledge Frankie 228
Sister Sledge Here to stay 266
Sister Sledge We are family D 562
Sister Sledge We are family D 639
Sister Sledge We are family D 923
Sisters With Voices SWV You're the one DAT # 67
Six Shooter Country boy's heart D 719
Skakespear's Sister Stay DAT # 26
Skee-Lo I wish D 661
Skee-Lo I wish DAT # 59
Skid Row Wasted time DAT # 19
Skin Deep Boom boom D 729
Skip Ewing Answer to my prayer D 909
Skip Ewing Grandma's garden D 457
Skip Ewing Mary go round D 854
Skipworth Cant give her up (long) 265
Sky Kings Fooled around and fell D 855
Sky Kings Picture perfect D 744
Sky Kings That just about says it D 788
Skyliners Since i don't have you D 869
Skyy Real love 334
Skyy Start of a romance D 675
Slade Little sheila 226
Slade My oh my 212
Slade Run away 200
Slade Sweetest taboo 241
Slaughter Fly to the angels DAT # 17
Slaughter Fly to the angles 346
Slaughter Real love DAT # 27
Slaughter Spend my life 353
Slow Children President am i D 640
Sly & the Family Stone Family affair D132
Sly & The Family Stone Hot fun in the summerti D 797
Sly & the Family Stone Thank you D 314
Sly Fox Lets go all the way 242
Sly Fox Lets go all the way D 701
Sly Fox Lets go all the way(lon 249
Sly Fox Stay true 254
Small Change Why DAT # 10
Smarte's Sesame's treet DAT # 29
Smashing Pumpkins 1979 D 712
Smashing Pumpkins 1979 D 867
Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with butterfly w D 712
Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with butterflywi DAT # 63
Smashing Pumpkins Thirty three DAT # 500
Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, tonight Dat # 500
Smif-N-Wession Bucktown DAT # 48
Smithereens A girl like you 330
Smithereens Blues before and after 339
Smithereens Only a memory 297
Smithereens Too much passion DAT # 21
Smithereens Top of the pops DAT # 14
Smiths Work is a four-letter W D 538
Smokey Robinson Baby come close D 650
Smokey Robinson Being with you D 327
Smokey Robinson Double good everything DAT # 18
Smokey Robinson Just to she her 275
Smokey Robinson One Heartbeat 281
Smokey Robinson One heartbeat 288
Smokey Robinson Tears of a clown D 44
Smokey Robinson Tears of a clown D 99
Smokey Robinson Tears of a clown D133
Smokey Robinson Whats too much 288
Smokin Armadillos Miracle man D 751
Smokin Armadillos Red rock D 500
Smokin Armadillos Thump factor D 747
Smokin' Armadillos I don't want no part of D 911
Smokin' Armadillos I don't want no part of D 940
Smokin' Armadillos I'm a cowboy D 529
Smokin' Armadillos Let your heart lead you D 684
Smokin' Armadillos My girlfriend D 457
Smooth Mind blowin DAT # 60
Snap Mary had a little boy DAT # 1
Snap Ooops up 347
Snap Ooops up DAT # 1
Snap Ooops up DAT # 17
Snap Ooops up (6:45 min) DAT # 18
Snap Ooops up 6:15 DAT # 2
Snap Power 341
Snap Power D 862
Snap Power DAT # 1
Snap Power DAT # 18
Snap Rhythm is a dancer D 402
Snap Rhythm is a dancer D 503
Snap Rhythm is a dancer D 599
Snap Rhythm is a dancer DAT # 27
Snap! Rhythm is a dancer D 823
Sneaker Pimps Spin spin sugar Dec 97 #3
Snoop Doggy Dogg Gin and juice DAT # 45
Snoop Doggy Dogg Snoop's upside your hea D 926
Snoop Doggy Dogs What's my name? DAT # 44
Snow Girl, i've been hurt DAT # 37
Snow Informer D 553
Snow Informer DAT # 33
SO Are you so 291
SO Are you sure D 596
Sofia Shinas Message DAT # 29
Soft Cell Tainted love 163
Soft Cell Tainted love 203
Soft Cell Tainted love D 891
Soft Cell Tainted love-7in D 695
SoHo Hippy chick DAT # 1
Soho Hippy chick DAT # 17
Soho Hippychick 347
Soho Hippychick D 925
Solo Heaven DAT # 61
Solo Where do u want to put DAT # 66
Somethin' for the Peopl With you Dat # 500
Sonic Surfers Don't you give it up D 658
Sonny & Cher I got you babe D 363
Sonny Curtis Love is all around D 641
Sons Of The Desert Hand of fate D 911
Sons of the Desert Leaving october D 938
Sons of the Desert Whatever comes first D 851
Sons of the San Joaquin From whence came the co D 788
Sophie B. Hawkins As i lay me down DAT # 57
Sophie B. Hawkins Damn DAT # 23
Sophie B. Hawkins Only love DAT # 66
Sophie B. Hawkins Right beside you DAT # 51
SOS Band Finest 255
SOS Band Finest (long) 257
SOS Band Just the way you likeit 212
Soul Asylum Misery DAT # 64
Soul Asylum Promises broken DAT # 66
Soul Asylum Runaway train DAT # 37
Soul Asylum Somebody to shove D 585
Soul for Real Candy rain DAT # 55
Soul for real Every litte thing i do DAT # 59
Soul For Real Every little thing i do D 813
Soul Hunter Your soul is mine D 808
Soul II Soul A dreams a dream 344
Soul II Soul Back to life 325
Soul II Soul Get a life 339
Soul II Soul Keep on movin 320
Soul II Soul Keep on movin D 652
Soul II Soul Keep on movin' D 675
Soul IV Real Candy rain D 660
Soul of Mischief 93 til infinity DAT # 43
Soul Solution Can't stop love D 814
Soul System Its gonna be a lovely d DAT # 31
Sound Factory Good time D 627
Sound Factory Understand the groove DAT # 33
Sound of Music Climb ev'ry mountain D158
Sound of Music Climb ev'ry mountain re D158
Sound of Music Do-re-mi D158
Sound of Music Edelweiss D158
Sound of Music I have confidence D158
Sound of Music Lonely goatherd D158
Sound of Music Maria D158
Sound of Music Mourning hymn + allelui D158
Sound of Music My favorite things D158
Sound of Music Overture and preludium D158
Sound of Music Prelude D158
Sound of Music Processional + maria D158
Sound of Music Sixteen going on 17 D158
Sound of Music So long, farewell D158
Sound of Music Something good D158
Sound of Music Sound of music D158
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Armour of love D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Believe him D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Changes D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Don't grow up too fast D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Goodby yesterday D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Lifeline D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Love knows D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Merry christmas tamara D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Only once D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 So long ago D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 Unshaken D 647
Sounds For Sunday Q-92 We'rre fighting a war D 647
Sounds of Blackness I believe DAT # 49
Soundtracks Theme of buck rogers 165
Soundtracks Theme of greatest ameri 165
Soundtracks Theme of Hill streat bl 165
Soundtracks Theme of Magnum PI 165
Soundtracks Theme of Rockford files 165
Soundtracks Theme of Schools out 165
Soundtracks Theme of White shadow 165
soundtracks Willy wonka at the choc 174
Soup Dragons I'm free 351
Soup Dragons Pleasure DAT # 32
Southern Boy Alice D 803
Southern Pacific Midnight highway D 435
Southern Pacific Pink cadillac D 435
Southside Johnnys Walk away Renee 260
Southsyde B.O.I.Z. Get ready, here it come DAT # 500
Space Hog In the meantime DAT # 67
Spandau Ballet Chant no. 1 D 594
Spandau Ballet chant no.1 D139
Spandau Ballet Communication D139
Spandau Ballet Freeze D139
Spandau Ballet Gold 194
Spandau Ballet Gold D139
Spandau Ballet Highly strung D139
Spandau Ballet I'll fly for you D139
Spandau Ballet Instinction D139
Spandau Ballet Lifeline D139
Spandau Ballet Muscle bound D139
Spandau Ballet Only when you leave 213
Spandau Ballet Only when you leave D139
Spandau Ballet Paint me down D139
Spandau Ballet Round and round D139
Spandau Ballet she loved like diamond D139
Spandau Ballet To cut a long storyShor D139
Spandau Ballet True 188
Spandau Ballet True 205
Spandau Ballet True D 329
Spandau Ballet True D 597
Spandau Ballet True D 640
Spandau Ballet True D139
Special Generation Love me just for me 352
Spencer Davis Group Gimme some lovin' D 365
Sphinx What hope have i D 656
Spice Girls 2 become 1 D 863
Spice Girls Denying D 914
Spice Girls Do it D 914
Spice Girls If u can't dance D 863
Spice Girls Lady is a vamp D 914
Spice Girls Last time lover D 863
Spice Girls Love thing D 863
Spice Girls Mama D 863
Spice Girls More over D 914
Spice Girls Naked D 863
Spice Girls Never give up on the go D 914
Spice Girls Saturday Night Divas D 914
Spice Girls Say you'll be there D 863
Spice Girls Something kinda funny D 863
Spice Girls Spice up your life D 914
Spice Girls Stop D 914
Spice Girls Too much D 914
Spice Girls Viva forever D 914
Spice Girls Wannabe D 863
Spice Girls Who do you think you ar D 863
Spicelab Spice like us D 808
Spin Doctors Cleopatra's cat DAT # 49
Spin Doctors Jimmy olsen's blues DAT # 42
Spin Doctors Little miss can't be wr DAT # 29
Spin Doctors That's the way D 887
Spin Doctors Two princes DAT # 32
Spin Doctors You let your heart go t DAT # 50
Spinners I'll always love you D 98
Spinners It's a shame D 98
Spinners Rubber band man 126
Spinners Rubberband man D 559
Spinners Working my way back to D 326
Sponge Molly DAT # 59
Squeeze 853-5937 290
Squeeze Black coffee in bed D 640
Squeeze Hourglass 284
Squeeze Tempted D 756
Sracey Q Two of hearts-12in D 695
Sracey Q Two of hearts-7in D 695
St. Etienne Only love can break you DAT # 22
St. Paul Stranger to love 346
Stabilizers One simple thing 276
Stacey Earl Romeo + juliet DAT # 22
Stacey Lattisaw Miracles 189
Stacey Q Don't make a fool of yo 292
Stacey Q Two of hearts 256
Stacey Q Two of hearts D 664
Stacey Q Two of hearts D 744
Stacey Q two of hearts (long) 261
Stacey Q We connect 270
Stacy Dean Cambell Eight feet high D 609
Stacy Dean Campbell Honey i do D 631
Stacy Dean Campbell Poor man's rose D 454
Stacy Dean Campbell Rosalee D 436
Stacy Earl Love me all up DAT # 16
Stacy Lattisaw Love on a two way stree D 740
Stacy Lattisaw Nail it too the wall 267
Stacy Lattisaw (long) Nail it too the wall 267
Stage Dolls Love cries 322
Staltler Brothers Chattanoogie shoe shine D 477
Staple Singers Let's do it again D 558
Staple Singers Respect yourself D 650
Staple Singers Weight D 502
Star Ship Its not over 280
Starland Vocal Band Afternoon delight D 714
Starpoint He wants my body 275
Starpoint Object of my desire 238
Starpoint Restless 249
Starship Babylon D 59
Starship Beat patrol 285
Starship Beat patrol D 59
Starship Before I go 256
Starship Children D 59
Starship Girls like you D 59
Starship Good heart DAT # 7
Starship I didn't mean to stay a 330
Starship I dont know why D 59
Starship It's not over D 59
Starship Its not enough 322
Starship Nothing's gonna stop us D 514
Starship Nothings gonna stop us 271
Starship Nothings gonna stop us D 59
Starship Sara 241
Starship Sara D 513
Starship Say when D 59
Starship Set the night to music D 59
Starship Tomorrow doesn't matter 249
Starship Transatlantic D 59
Starship We built this city 234
Starship We built this city D 512
Starship We built this city D 702
Starship Wild again 308
Starship Wings of a lie D 59
Statler Brothers A christmas medley D 490
Statler Brothers Away in a manger D 490
Statler Brothers Carols those kids to si D 490
Statler Brothers Christmas to me D 490
Statler Brothers I believe in santa's ca D 490
Statler Brothers I never spend a christm D 490
Statler Brothers I'll be home for christ D 490
Statler Brothers Jingle bells D 490
Statler Brothers My past is looking brig D 461
Statler Brothers Same way everytime D 453
Statler Brothers Something you can't buy D 490
Statler Brothers White christmas D 490
Statler Brothers Who do you think D 490
Steam Na na hey hey kiss him D 397
Steel Breeze Dreaming is easy 178
Steel Breeze Who's gonna love you 167
Steel Breeze You don't want me anymo 167
Steel Heart Can't stop me lovin you DAT # 8
Steel heart Down'n dirty DAT # 8
Steel Heart Everybody loves eileen DAT # 8
Steel Heart Gimme gimme DAT # 8
Steel Heart I'll never let you go DAT # 17
Steel Heart I'll never let you go DAT # 3
Steel Heart I'll never let you go DAT # 8
Steel Heart Like never before DAT # 8
Steel Heart Love ain't easy DAT # 8
Steel Heart Rock'n roll i just wann DAT # 8
Steel Heart She's gone DAT # 17
Steel Heart She's gone DAT # 3
Steel Heart She's gone DAT # 8
Steel Heart She's gone lady DAT # 14
Steel Heart Sheila DAT # 8
Steely Dan Peg D 561
Step by Step Don't let it get you do D 807
Step by Step How do you feel D 799
Step by Step Your love D 803
Step Sisters Boogie woogie bugle boy D 830
Stephanie Bentley Dead ringer D 789
Stephanie Bentley Hopechest song D 849
Stephanie Bentley Once i was the light of D 784
Stephanie Bentley Once i was the light of D 843
Stephanie Bentley Who's that girl D 719
Stephanie Davis All in the heart D 499
Stephanie Davis Moonlighter D 461
Stephanie Mills Bit by bit 229
Stephanie Mills Bit by bit 230
Stephanie Mills Bit by Bit long ver. 243
Stephanie Mills I feel good all over D 673
Stephanie Mills You're puttin a rush on 286
Stephen Bishop It might be you tootsie 176
Stephen Pride One side of the bed D 932
Stephen Stills Can't let go 215
Stereo MC's Connected D 662
Stereo MC's Step it up DAT # 38
Stereo Mcs Connected DAT # 35
Stero MC's Elevate my love DAT # 9
Steve Arrington Dancing In thekeyoflife 233
Steve Azar I go crazy D 908
Steve Azar I never stopped lovin t D 749
Steve Azar Love had no right D 846
Steve Azar Nights like this D 791
Steve Azar Someday D 719
Steve Carlisle Wkrp in cincinnati D 643
Steve Dorff As long as we got each D 643
Steve Earle Nothin without you D 610
Steve Earle Telephone road D 936
Steve Kolander Black dresses D 580
Steve Kolander Black dresses D 580
Steve Kolander Can't undo what's been D 613
Steve Kolander My love D 854
Steve Kolander Still crazy 'bout you D 842
Steve Miller Bongo bongo 223
Steve Miller I want to makeTheWorldT 269
Steve Miller Shangri-la 216
Steve Miller Band Abracadabra D 756
Steve Miller Band Fly like an eagle D 560
Steve Miller Band Joker D 517
Steve Miller Band Rock'n me D 559
Steve Miller Band Wide river DAT # 38
Steve Nicks Has anyone ever written 253
Steve Perry Foolish heart 219
Steve Perry Foolish heart 251
Steve Perry Missing you DAT # 55
Steve Perry Oh sherrie 200
Steve Perry Oh sherrie 251
Steve Perry Oh sherrie D 709
Steve Perry Running alone 251
Steve Perry She's mine 209
Steve Perry You better wait DAT # 50
Steve Stoll Electron D 821
Steve Wariner Drive D 564
Steve Wariner Get back D 611
Steve Wariner Guitar talk D 748
Steve Wariner If i didn't love you D 499
Steve Wariner It won't be over you D 496
Steve Wariner Tips of my fingers D 438
Steve Wariner Traditional christmas D 586
Steve Winwood Back in the high life a 279
Steve Winwood Don't you know what the 301
Steve Winwood Finer things 273
Steve Winwood Freedom overspill 264
Steve Winwood Hearts on fire 313
Steve Winwood Higher love 255
Steve Winwood Holding on 307
Steve Winwood One and only man 350
Steve Winwood Roll with it 297
Steve Winwood Talking back toTheNight 292
Steve Winwood Valerie 285
Steven Craig Harding Armed and dangerous D 842
Steven Craig Harding Tonight my heart rides D 750
Stevie B Because i love you 350
Stevie B Dream about you DAT # 57
Stevie B Dreamin of love 295
Stevie B Forever more DAT # 15
Stevie B Girl i am searching for 327
Stevie B I wanna be the one 312
Stevie B I'll be by your side 354
Stevie B In my eyes 318
Stevie B Love & emotion 344
Stevie B Love me for life 334
Stevie B Springlove 300
Stevie B. Funky melody D 655
Stevie B. Pump that body D 823
Stevie Nicks After the glitter fades 164
Stevie Nicks After the glitters fade D 32
Stevie Nicks Bella donna D 32
Stevie Nicks Edge of 17 D 32
Stevie Nicks Highwayman D 32
Stevie Nicks How still my love D 32
Stevie Nicks I can't wait 245
Stevie Nicks If any one falls 189
Stevie Nicks Kind of woman D 32
Stevie Nicks Leather and lace D 32
Stevie Nicks Maybe love will change DAT # 50
Stevie Nicks Night bird 194
Stevie Nicks Outside the rain D 32
Stevie Nicks Romms on fire 316
Stevie Nicks Sometimes its a bitch DAT # 13
Stevie Nicks Stand back 183
Stevie Nicks Stop draggin my heart D 32
Stevie Nicks Talk to me 240
Stevie Nicks Think about me D 32
Stevie Nicks Wild Heart 189
Stevie Ray Vaughan Pride and joy D 585
Stevie V Dirty cash 344
Stevie Wonder Do i do 164
Stevie Wonder Fingertips part 2 D 44
Stevie Wonder For your love DAT # 56
Stevie Wonder Get it 296
Stevie Wonder Go home 240
Stevie Wonder Gotta have you DAT # 12
Stevie Wonder I just called to say I 214
Stevie Wonder I just called to say i D 737
Stevie Wonder Overjoyed 248
Stevie Wonder Part time lover 234
Stevie Wonder Ribbon in the sky 168
Stevie Wonder Skeletons 286
Stevie Wonder Superstition D 650
Stevie wonder Superstition D100
Stevie wonder You are the sunshine of D100
Stevie Wonder You will know 291
Stewart Copeland Equalizer theme D 643
Sting All this time 354
Sting Be still my beating Hea 290
Sting Englishman in new york 294
Sting Fields of gold DAT # 37
Sting Fortess aroundyourheart 233
Sting I'm so happy i can't st DAT # 500
Sting If i ever lose my faith DAT # 34
Sting If you love somebodyset 228
Sting If you love somebodyset 232
Sting Let your soul be your p DAT # 66
Sting Love is the 7th wave 239
Sting Nothing 'bout me DAT # 41
Sting Russians 243
Sting Well be together 285
Sting When we dance D 872
Sting When we dance DAT # 53
Sting When we danced D 931
Sting You Still touch me Dat # 500
Stories Brother louie D 714
Stories Brother louie D130
Storm I've got alot to learn DAT # 15
Strafe Set it off D 796
Stranglers Get a grip on yourself D 594
Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense and peppermints D 365
Strawberry Switchblade Since yesterday D 597
Stray Cats Baby blue eyes 181
Stray Cats Built for speed 181
Stray Cats Double talkin baby 181
Stray Cats Jeannie, jeannie 181
Stray Cats Litle miss prissy 181
Stray Cats Lonely summer nights 181
Stray Cats Rev it up & go 181
Stray Cats Rock this town 172
Stray Cats Rock this town 174
Stray Cats Rock this town 181
Stray Cats Rock this town D 596
Stray Cats Rock this town D 702
Stray Cats Rumble in brighton 181
Stray Cats Run away 181
Stray Cats Sexy & 17 188
Stray Cats Sexy and 17 203
Stray Cats She's sexy + 17 D 594
Stray Cats Stray cat strut 175
Stray Cats Stray cat strut D 329
Stray Cats Stray cat strut D 702
Stray Cats Stray cats strut 181
Stray Cats You dont belive me 181
Streets of Fire I can dream about you 208
Strictly For U One more night D 657
Stryper Always there for you 300
Stryper I believe in you 306
Style Council You're the best thing 212
Stylistics Betcha by golly, wow D 347
Stylistics Break up to make up D 347
Stylistics Heavy fallin' out D 347
Stylistics I'm stone in love with D 347
Stylistics Let's put it all togeth D 347
Stylistics Little drummer boy D 586
Stylistics People make the world D 347
Stylistics Rockin' roll baby D 347
Stylistics You are everything D 347
Stylistics You make me feel brand D 347
Stylistics You're a big girl now D 347
STYX A.d. 1928 D286
STYX A.D. 1958 D286
STYX Aku-aku D285
STYX Babe D 62
STYX Best of times D 62
STYX Best of times D286
STYX Blue collar man D 62
STYX Blue collar man D285
STYX Castle walls D284
STYX Clair de lune/ballerina D283
STYX Cold water 180
STYX Come sail away D 62
STYX Come sail away D128
STYX Come sail away D284
STYX Crystal ball D 62
STYX Crystall ball D283
STYX Dont let it end 180
STYX Dont let it end 183
STYX Dont let it end D 62
STYX Dont let it end (repris 180
STYX Double life 180
STYX Fooling yourself D 62
STYX Fooling yourself D284
STYX Grand finale D284
STYX Grand illusion D 62
STYX Grand illusion D284
STYX Great white hope D285
STYX Half-penny,two penny D286
STYX Haven't we beenHereBefo 180
STYX Heavy metal poision 180
STYX High time 180
STYX I'm okay D285
STYX Jennifer D283
STYX Just get through thisNi 180
STYX Light up D 62
STYX Lonely people D286
STYX Lord of the ring D285
STYX Love at first sight DAT # 5
STYX Love is the ritual 349
STYX Mademoiselle D283
STYX Man in the wilderness D284
STYX Message D285
STYX Miss America D 62
STYX Miss america D284
STYX Mr. roboto 176
STYX Mr. Roboto 180
Styx Mr. Roboto 203
STYX Mr. roboto D 62
STYX Mr. roboto D 705
Styx Music time 208
STYX Nothing ever goes as pl D286
STYX Pieces of eight D285
STYX Put me on D283
STYX Queen of spades D285
STYX Renegade D 62
STYX Renegade D285
STYX Rockin' the paradise D286
STYX She cares D286
STYX Shooz D283
STYX Show me the way 352
STYX Sing for the day D285
STYX Snowblind D286
STYX State street sadie D286
STYX Suite madame blue D 62
STYX Superstars D284
STYX This old man D283
STYX Too much time on my han 168
STYX Too much time on my han D 62
STYX Too much time on my han D286
Suave My girl 293
Subway Fire DAT # 60
Subway This lil game we played DAT # 56
Sudden Change Comin' on strong DAT # 47
Sueno Latino Sueno Latino 10:35 min 332
Sueno Latino Viciosa D 727
Sugarloaf Green eyed lady D128
Sugarloaf Green-eyed lady D133
Sukiyaki 4 p.m. DAT # 52
Sun Company In the name of love D 803
Sunscreen Love u more DAT # 34
Super Cat Dolly my baby D 483
Super Cat Girlstown DAT # 62
Supertramp Cannon ball 227
Supertramp Its raining again 172
Supertramp My kind of lady 178
Supreme Truth Supreme truth D 808
Supremes Come see about me D 533
Supremes I'm gonna let my heart D 355
Supremes Stone love D 531
Surface Closer than friends 314
Surface First time 351
Surface Happy 277
Surface Never gonna let you dow DAT # 6
Surface Shower me with your lov 321
Surface Shower me with your lov D 675
Surface You are my everything 328
Surfaris Surfer joe 278
Surfaris Surfer joe D180
Surfaris Wipe out 278
Surfaris Wipe out D180
Survivor Across the miles 311
Survivor Burning heart D 513
Survivors American heartbeat 172
Survivors Broken promises D 16
Survivors Burning Heart 239
Survivors Didn't know it was love 302
Survivors First night 233
Survivors First night D 16
Survivors High on you 221
Survivors High on you D 16
Survivors How much love 273
Survivors I can't hold back 215
Survivors I can't hold back D 16
Survivors I see you in everyone D 16
Survivors Is this love 267
Survivors Its the singernotTsong D 16
Survivors Man against the world 275
Survivors Moment of truth 210
Survivors Popular girl D 16
Survivors Search is over 225
Survivors Search is over D 16
Susanna Hoffs All i want DAT # 500
Susanna Hoffs My side of the bed 354
Susie Luchsinger For pete's sake D 564
Susie Luchsinger I saw him in your eyes D 461
Suzanne Somers Our love is here to sta D 830
Suzanne Vega Luka 281
Suzanne Vega Solitude standing 284
Suzy Bogguss Cold day in july D 377
Suzy Bogguss Don't wanna D 377
Suzy Bogguss Drive south D 377
Suzy Bogguss Eat at joe's D 377
Suzy Bogguss Give me some wheels D 748
Suzy Bogguss Heartache D 377
Suzy Bogguss Heartache D 455
Suzy Bogguss How come you go to her D 377
Suzy Bogguss In the day D 377
Suzy Bogguss Letting go D 377
Suzy Bogguss Letting go D 438
Suzy Bogguss Love goes without sayin D 377
Suzy Bogguss Lovin' a hurricane D 377
Suzy Bogguss No way out D 787
Suzy Bogguss Other side of the hill D 377
Suzy Bogguss She said, he heard D 852
Suzy Bogguss Souvenirs D 537
Suzy Bogguss Take it to the limit D 440
Suzy Bogguss You wouldn't say that t D 496
Sweet Sable Old time's sake DAT # 48
Sweet Sensation Fairweather friend 349
Sweet Sensation Hooked on you 273
Sweet Sensation Hooked on you 318
Sweet Sensation If wishes came true 343
Sweet Sensation Love child 337
Sweet Sensation Never let you go 302
Sweet Sensation Sincerely Yours 311
Sweet Sensation Take it while its hot 294
Swing Kids Soundtrack Arvid beaten D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Ashes D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Bei mir bist du schon D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Bismarck D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Daphne D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Flat foot Flooqee D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Goodnight, my love D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack It don't mean a thing D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Letter D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Life goes to a party D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Nothing to report D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Shout and feel it D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Sing, sing, sing D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Swing heil D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Swingtime in the rockie D 598
Swing Kids Soundtrack Training for utopia D 598
Swing out Sister Breakout 283
Swing Out Sister Breakout D 703
Swing Out Sister Twilight world 290
Swing out Sisters Am I the same girl DAT # 28
Swing out sisters Waiting game 317
SWV Always on my mind DAT # 43
SWV Anything D 662
SWV Anything DAT # 46
SWV Downtown D 657
SWV I'm so into you DAT # 32
SWV It's all about u DAT # AP
SWV It's all about you D 888
SWV Use your heart Dat # 500
SWV Weak D 553
SWV Weak DAT # 35
SWV You're the one D 827
SWV-Sister with Voices Downtown DAT # 39
Sybil Don't make me over 327
Sybil Walk on by 7:25 min 335
Sybil Walk on by 7:25 min 332
Sybil You're the love of my l DAT # 36
Sydney Youngblood I'd rather go blind 347
Sylvester You make me feel D 357
Sylvester Step II You make me feel mighty 126
Sylvia Pillow Talk D 625
Synaesthesia Concerto in e D 386
Synaesthesia Feel the dream D 385
Synch Where are you now? 248
System Coming to America 299
System Dont disturb this grove 275
Systematic I got the music D 802
Systematic Love is the answer D 801
Syvaia Ill make it alright wit 166

Last Updated on 2/27/98
By Patrick Keller