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Artist Title Tape Number
Q-Feel Dancing in heaven 318
Qkumba Zoo Child inside D 860
Qkumba Zoo Child inside DAT # 500
QT My baby mama DAT # AP
Quad City D.J.'s C'mon' ride it D 820
Quad City DJ's C'mon & ride it D 920
Quad City DJ's C'mon n' ride it D 860
Quad City DJ's C'mon N' ride it D 865
Quad City DJ's C'mon'n ride it DAT # 67
Quad City DJ's Space jam D 887
Quarter Flash Take me to heart 187
Quarterflash Harden my heart D 328
Quarterflash Night shift 177
Quarterflash Night shift D 708
Quarterflash Talk to me 238
Queen A kind of magic 256
Queen Another one bites the d D 703
Queen Another one bits the du 124
Queen Flash Gordons theme 307
Queen I want it all 317
Queen I want to break free 208
Queen Its a hard life 213
Queen One vision 240
Queen Radio ga ga 199
Queen Tie your mother down D 384
Queen We are the champions D 310
Queen We are the champions D 509
Queen We are the champions D 561
Queen We will rock you D 310
Queen Latifah Black hand side DAT # 50
Queen Latifah It's alright Dec 97 #1
Queen Latifah Just another day DAT # 46
Queen Latifah U.n.i.t.y. D 652
Queen Latifah U.N.I.T.Y. DAT # 43
Queen Samantha Letter D 625
Queen Sryche Another rainy night wit DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Any body listening DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Best i can DAT # 8
Queen Sryche Della brown DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Empire DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Hand on heart DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Jet city woman DAT # 9
Queen Sryche One and only DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Resistance DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Silent Lucidity DAT # 17
Queen Sryche Silent Lucidity DAT # 9
Queen Sryche Thin line DAT # 8
Queensryhe Silent lucidity DAT # 5
Quiet Riot Bang your head 197
Quiet Riot Bang your head 203
Quiet Riot Come on feel the noise 189
Quiet Riot Cum on feel the noise 203
Quincy Jones I'll be good to you 329
Quincy Jones Secret Garden 337
Quincy Jones Slow jams DAT # 67
Quincy Jones Tomorrow 341

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