SC Wireless Series

The SC Series Wireless Systems are feature-rich MARCADŽ Diversity systems created with fixed installation sound require-ments in mind. Each SC Wireless system is capable of operating at eight different frequencies (four different frequencies for systems operating in the traveling frequency band). Digital frequency control provides greater freedom from RF interference and virtually "bulletproof" signal reliability. SC Wireless Series are available with handheld, lavalier, instrument, or headworn micro-phone options, and up to twelve SC Wireless systems can be operated simultaneously in a single installation.

Three main features set the SC Wireless apart from all others in its category:

SC1 Body-Pack

The SC1 Body-pack transmitter features a digitally controlled, frequency-synthesized design. Surface-mount construction provides stability and ruggedness. Compatible with Shure wireless lavalier, instrument and headworn microphones and instrument cable. In addition to its design, the SC1 has these acclaimed features:

SC2 Handheld Transmitters

Offering the user a selection of four microphone elements from the Shure stable of professional microphones, the SC2 Handheld Transmitters exhibit these exceptional features:

All include switch/sleeve cover, swivel adapter and zippered vinyl storage bag.

SC4 Receiver

The SC4 Receiver features MARCADŽ diversity for greater freedom from signal dropout and unsurpassed sensitivity. It utilizes digital frequency-control and modular surface-mount design for improved selectivity. In addition, the receiver takes advantage of tone key squelch in order to remain muted and reject unwanted noise whenever the SC transmitter is either turned off or out of range.

The receiver's half-rack size helps conserve precious rack space. Five-segment RF level and audio level LED strings allow the sound professional to optimize system performance. Each SC4 receiver is shipped with a PS31 (or PS31E) in-line power supply, and with rack mount hardware that allows for single and side-by-side mounting.

The WA503 accessory rack kit provides mounting for a single SC4 receiver in one rack space, along with front mounting of the antennas on the rack ears in that same rack space.