Beta Series Microphones

Shure's BETA Series includes the microphones that have proven legendary performance, as well as two new specifically designed microphones that continue the unmatched excellence of Shure BETA. The BETA Series' outstanding responsiveness to vocals and instruments, specifically their maximum insolation from other sound sources and minimum off-axis coloration, have made them the most respected and widely used microphones in the world.

  • BETA57A Supercardioid Dynamic w/ High Output Element, for Instrument Applications
  • BETA58A Supercardioid Dynamic with High Output Element for, Vocal Applications

  • BETA 87 Premium SuperCardioid Handheld Electret Condenser for Vocal

    Beta 57A

    Excellent for acoustic and electric instruments, as well as vocals, the BETA 57A improves on the design of the favorite BETA 57 for optimal warmth and presence. With its excellent supercardioid pattern and superior gain-before-feed-back, the incredibly versatile BETA 57A is at home on drums, guitar amplifiers, vocals and just about any other instrument imaginable. Its new restyled grille is hardened to withstand prolonged use, and also is designed to allow you to place the microphone closer to the sound source to enhance low-frequency proximity effect. An improved shock mount dramatically decreases stage and handling noise.

    Beta 58A

    In the tradition of the SM58, the Shure BETA 58A has become the top choice among vocalists and touring soundprofessionals world-wide. The BETA 58A improves on this tradition in dynamic microphone technology by providing a smoother sound and an extended high frequency response. The BETA 58A's consistent supercardioid pattern gives the best gain-before-feedback among dynamic microphones. The BETA 58A shock mount has also been improved to keep stage and handling noise to an absolute minimum, and its durability continues to make it one of the most rugged microphones in the live sound business.

    Beta 87

    Premium Supercardioid Handheld Electret Condenser for Vocal Applications

    The BETA 87 leads the field for studio-quality sound in live performance vocals. Its extended high frequency response brings detail, accuracy and warmth to any vocal, and its highly consistent supercardioid pattern creates excellent isolation and unsurpassed gain-before-feedback. State-of-the-art shock mounting virtually eliminates stage rumble and handling noise-the only sound you hear is the vocalist. With its hardened grille, the BETA 87 finally brings studio condenser performance to the road.