MP 24x Mixer Preamplifier

General Description

The Rane MP 24x Mixer is a giant step forward for night club mixers. Following the advice of the most renowned figures in the night club market, Rane developed the MP 24x to break down the barriers of previous mixer designs.

Featuring four Stereo Input mixing Channels, each supplied with a selection of several Phono and Line Inputs, the MP 24x easily suits the needs of the most complex audio/video installations. A total of six Stereo Line Inputs are available plus three Stereo Phono Inputs.

The Mic Control section of the MP 24x handles two microphones simultaneously. Both mics may be contoured by the three-band Mic Equalizer as well as processed through a Mic Loop jack. On the rear of the unit, a 3-pin low-Z Main Mic Input with switchable Phantom Power, and a 1/4" hi-Z Aux Mic Input are both mixable.

The Output section of the MP 24x provides a Master Level fader, four band Program Equalizer (independent of the Microphone EQ), two auxiliary output controls (Zone and Booth), a stereo 12-segment Peak Program Meter and full Headphone Control monitoring and cueing system. The rear of the MP 24x, besides holding all of the normal Input and Output connectors, features a transformer isolated Light Control Output with associated Level control, balanced 3-pin Main Outputs, Program Equalizer EQ Range switch (4 dB or 8 dB) and a System Mono switch. All sliders on the MP 24x are studio-quality, side wipe faders as found on high quality audio mixing consoles.

New features have been added to the MP 24x. Active Crossfader technology combines state of the art voltage controlled amplifier design with a professional quality, dual-rail Alps crossfader control. This combination sets new standards for performance, reliability and serviceability. Virtually all crossfader noise is eliminated. Channel to channel crosstalk is greatly reduced and the off isolation of the faded channel is greatly increased. Active Crossfader technology dramatically increases the service life of the crossfader. In the unlikely event of crossfader failure, there is no loss of signal. If a crossfader becomes rough or noisy, it may be hot-swapped during a performance with no interruption of the audio signal. Simply use the input faders to set the audio levels while the crossfader is out of service.

Each of the Phono Inputs can be converted to Line Inputs by moving internal jumpers. Another internal jumper allows defeating the Booth Ducker circuit when the mic is activated - this feature has been requested by those wishing to use the Booth Output as a second record output or second zone. Another jumper allows the Mic section to be mixed to the Tape Outs - the default setting is 'music only'.

Rear Panel Audio Connections