Gooseneck Lamps & Accessories


Littlite Lampsets come complete and ready for easy surface mounting. All sets are available in 6,12 or 18 inch lengths and include bulb, chassis and fully adjustable dimmer. Each set also includes a 6 foot cord, a snap mount set (SM) for easy removable mounting and screws for permanent mounting. 120 or 240 volt versions include wall plug-in transformers. 12 volt versions can be powered from any 12 volt AC or DC supply.

L-4 Series - Detachable BNC models

Feature a detachable gooseneck with a BNC connector at the chassis and storage clips for the gooseneck. The lamp is available with your choice of a 2.4 watt or 5 watt bulb

L-3 Series - Permanent mount models

Feature the gooseneck permanently attached to the chassis. The lamp is available with your choice of a 2.4 watt or 5 watt bulb

Bulb Options

High intensity L-Series lamps

The 5 watt tungsten-halogen bulb, with stylish finned hood, produces a crisp, bright, long-lasting white light which is concentrated in a tightly controlled pattern, easily aimed exactly where you need it.

Low intensity L-Series lamps

The low intensity 2.4 watt bulb with extra slim hood, produces enough light for many tasks in dimly lit areas. With its low power light source this littlite is best suited for applications where a low level of light is desired.