The EON MusicMix 10

The design goal for the EON mixer was clear: KEEP IT SIMPLE. So we did! The EON MusicMix 10 is quiet and easy to use. Designed to be portable, the MusicMix 10 features a built in handle, lightweight materials, and rugged, roadworthy construction. The MusicMix 10 offers stereo output and advanced controls. Wheather you are mixing live music, a lecture or any other application, the MusicMix 10 gives you the control you need -- in a simple to use, dependable mixer at a very affordable price!

The EON MusicMix 10 is a 10-channel stereo mixer. The 10 input channels are divided into 6 microphone level inputs, and 2 sets of stereo (2-channel) line level inputs for use with CD or cassette players. Low and High frequency equalization, foldback, and signal present indicators are provided on each input channel. The EON Music Mix 10 also, provides built in “phantom” power for use with today's best microphones.

Key Features of the EON MusicMix 10:

Input Section:

6 Microphone Inputs -- XLR Female
1/4 inch TRS Line Input Connector
Channel level - on 60 mm fader
Monitor level control
Low Frequency EQ @ 63 Hz
Peaking Mid Frequency EQ @ 2.5 kHz
High Frequency EQ @ 12.5 kHz
Signal Present LED
Peak Overload LED
Stereo Pan Control

2 Stereo Auxiliary Inputs
Left & Right Phono Inputs
Shelving Low Frequency EQ @ 63 Hz
Shelving High Frequency EQ @ 12.5 kHz
Channel Level - 60 mm Fader
Monitor Send level
Effects Send Level
Signal Present LED

Output Section Controls / Features:

Main Level Control Left & Right - 60 mm fader
R to L balance control
Monitor Send Level - 60 mm fader
Effects Send Level
2-band Output EQ.
Headphone level
12 segment LED Display for Left output
12 segment LED Display for Right output